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James Mack

Welcome to the new Forum

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Welcome to the 296 Squadron forum! This is a place where cadets and staff can communicate and exchange information and ideas. We want this to be a constructive and informative place, with that in mind we expect the same behaviour and coutsey here in the virtual world as you do at the squadron, we ask that you are respectful & pleasant, so this space can be enjoyable for cadets & staff. With this in mind we ask you all to read and follow the forum rules below and if you have any questions please speak to squadron staff in the usual way

All posts are read by our administration and moderation team. If we catch questionable content, it will immediately be edited or removed for futher investigation.

Language and Trolling
This forum is family-friendly. There are young users and language should avioded at all times. Vulgar language is not allowed. This constitutes the use of any kind of offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate material deemed unsafe for younger members. Inappropriate language will be removed and users will be warned or banned from using this forum.

Do not post provocative, outrageous, or pointless messages only to get a response from others, i.e. "trolling." Repeat violators will be permanently banned.

Lastly, if it is abundantly clear that a user has no intention of positively contributing to discussions, combined with an abrasive, combative attitude, they will be banned.

Personal Attacks
In order to maintain a positive atmosphere, no personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. there is not an excuse to result to attacks or insults. There is a difference between a passionate, respectful discussion and one that delves into personal matters. Think of it as debating issues, not individuals. When the line is crossed, the discussion may be closed by the moderation team. Violators will be warned and potentially banned.

Moderators and Administrators Have the Final Word
If you have a problem or a complaint, direct it to the administrators (Squadron Staff) and/or moderators (Squadron Staff & NCO's), not to the boards.The appropriate actions will be taken. We reserve the right to ban flagrant offenders when deemed necessary, with or without prior warning.

Illegal content
No re-posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted materials will be deleted.

Most of all make use of the forum to share ideas and part take.

296 (Stoke Newington) Squadron Staff

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